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Dried and dehydrated foods in #10 and #2.5 cans!
Dehydrated Food Storage - #10 and #2.5 cans

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Long Term Food Storage

Take a look at these options we provide for your family and individuals interested in stocking up on long term foods in case of emergency or for everyday use.

  • Great-tasting gourmet food storage breakfast and entree meals for your family.
  • Perfect for long term food storage, in case of emergencies, or for everyday use.
  • Prepare these ready-made freeze dried and dehydrated meals in minutes by adding water.
  • Simple to store plastic containers with grab n' go handles for any storable location.
  • Dependable, simple, and affordable food storage.
  • Long storage life of up to 25 years.
240 Serving Food Storage Supply
360 Serving Food Storage Supply
720 Serving Food Storage Supply
2160 Serving Food Storage Supply
2880 Serving Food Storage Supply
4320 Serving Food Storage Supply
1 Year Supply - Standard Unit (1 Person)1 Year Supply - Standard Unit (1 Person)
1 Year Supply - Deluxe Freeze Dried (1 Person)1 Year Supply - Deluxe Freeze Dried (1 Person)
1 Year Supply - Basic Unit (1 Person)1 Year Supply - Basic Unit (1 Person)
1 Year Supply - Deluxe Unit (1 Person)1 Year Supply - Deluxe Unit (1 Person)
2 Month Unit (1 Person)2 Month Unit (1 Person)
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